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I wasn't actually going to reply but then I kept reading and reading and now I just HAVE to reply heh. Anyways most of the people have hit the nail on the head. The MAJORITY of players that run HM FP's have done them dozens if not hundreds of times. I myself am a casual gamer. I play when I have time, that said I have three 50's, two imp side and 1 pub side and am working on my 4th. Not asking for kudos just making a point that others have raised. Yes, manners go a longgggg way. Yes some of us (me included) pay for the game every month (Been subbed since early access and will stay that way). Yes I too get bored with watching cut-scenes and pulling EVERY mob to swipe down.

But here is the thing and this is the best damn advice I or anyone else can give you. If you want to watch and enjoy cut-scenes, pull mobs, beat every boss, do EVERYTHING in a flashpoint that most of us have done time and time again on SM, then do it. But do it with a group you get to know and knows enjoy that sort of play style. Don't bog down a PUG group with YOUR needs. PUG groups always go with majority votes. If you can't get along with that, then don't do a PUG group, find your own group and play only with them. I used to run with a solid group of about 8 people. We would pug the rest for ops and stuff, but when we did HM's? We all knew the deal and ran through em quickly because that is what WE wanted as a group.

I am not saying any of this to be a douche. I want you to enjoy your experiences as a player in this game. Hell it is what makes the community diverse and full of rational thought, feelings and expression of imagination. But if you MUST play a certain way, find like-minded people to do it with, you'll find your experience as a 50 that much more enjoyable.

Happy Hunting.
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