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We as long term players should be doing our utmost to help new people as one day these could be the guys healing us in a raid,or helping in pvp. So sod the rude people,and just try and crack on,their are good players out there who understand not everyone has played since day one. And to the people saying it's a waste of time killing trash etc,lets face it,most of our time is stood on fleet waiting for nothing in particular to happen until raid time.
must be sad for you, even if im hanging out on the i have fun with general chat. but most of the time is leveling alts and watching their storyline and i have 3imp toons and 5 republic toons so watching sm fp cs is usually a bored as i seen every choice a ton, but it maybe their first so im not bugged by it. when it comes to HM FP they should of watched pretty much all of them(illum FE aside). i have no problem with getting stuck once maybe twice. but doing all the mobs is a bit much and not really needed. if u don't know the fp say something before u get far into the fp.

oh @DSpectre it sounds like u are doing something wrong if u are getting kicked that much and i would kick u as u most likely are the drain on my healing and would actually help me heal the rest alot better and find a dps who could help out the group rather then being dead weight for everyone else.