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I'm trying to rationalize the use of a white lightsaber crystal on my Miralukan Jedi Shadow within the lore.

My Jedi has a strong sense of duty and a black and white sense of morality, probably because of the Miralukan ability to view a person's aura in the force. White seems to make sense to me as a Miraluka would not be able to perceive light and color as someone with eyes would (though I believe they can discern color and light based on wavelengths and whatnot, but that's another discussion), so symbolism of color might be more important than visual appearance. As a symbol, I thought white fit with his idea of good and evil, as if Light was "purifying" Darkness when he takes out an enemy of the Jedi Order.

But if white crystals are really rare, I don't see my Jedi going out of his way just to get a crystal of a certain color. He would be to focused on his duties. However, I saw that the Imperial Knights almost exclusively used white lightsaber crystals, almost as if there was a source of abundant supply of them. Does anyone know where the Imperial Knights got their crystals from?

I was possibly considering other options that would seem more practical. I'm currently looking at using a Copper (close to the traditional Shadow coloration), Derelict Purple (Not really bright, so good for stealth with Crystals seemingly available on Ilum), or Mint Green (something that would be very common.)