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Our guild mood just fell down as we did all the HMs weeks ago and don't remember all the small things and differences for NiM(also DPS requirements) as we are long lost returning players(or new players). But whatever works for you.

I'll keep checking the thread for the NiM content time.

We love your work and cannot wait for the NiM time.
Our guild still has a team in nim content. They aren't writing guides and are much more focused on prog, but for the interim if you have questions regarding dps values they will end up having that information albeit at a potentially slower rate.They just finished nim TFB themselves, and are moving into dread fortress next week so you can shoot hayete a message to check in. They run Wednesday nights at 830 server time if you want to follow along on twitch in epic face plants as they learn what works and all that feel free as well.