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This is not a "suggestions" post, it is a "Devs, please take heed because some things are broken" post, in the hope that others who may wish to add something to the discussion can help amplify the message.

1. Increase the X/Y axes on decorations.
This single change would make the biggest difference in my enjoyment of decorating, since it would solve so many of the current hook placement issues, decoration design issues, and so forth.

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2. Guild flagships desperately need to have their HOOK CAP RAISED.
Yes, this is a critical issue. The low number forces people to design strange, massive spaces aboard the ship.
We also need a way for small guilds to unlock rooms.

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3. Guilds need to be permitted to unlock more than one ground stronghold.
4. Individual players need to be permitted to buy duplicate copies of a stronghold.
If there was no other option, I would agree with this. Personally, I would rather see this change --
* Make the decoration inventory apply independently to each stronghold, the same way that pets and mounts work.
* Give us the ability to Save multiple different layouts and Load them back in.

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5. Address the stronghold cap.
There should never have been a disparity between people who had characters to merge and those who did not. Everyone should be allowed to have the same total number of strongholds, especially since BioWare posted incorrect information in these forums ahead of the merge, cheating some players out of the opportunity to take advantage of the merge.

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6. The strongholds assets and development team needs to be sat down and talked to seriously about ways to dramatically improve the decorating experience, in terms of decorations themselves and especially hook placement.
I've had four major issues with the decorations that are released --
* They often have bugs that are seldom fixed, even after long waits.
* They work in a very limited number of hooks, often Centerpiece or Starship, even though we have far more huge decorations than hooks to put them in.
* Some of the decorations don't match any existing stronghold themes, or literally don't have a single hook they can be placed in. (I'm looking at you, Iokath Forge Garbagefall!).
* Too many of them have to be free-standing even though they make more sense up against walls, such as the Zakuulan weapon racks.

I also agree that they don't seem to listen to player feedback when designing new strongholds, as the same mistakes get repeated over and over again.

I'm going to add two:
7. Fix the inventory search bug.
It's still possible to search for something, clear the search box, and have an "invisible letter" still interfering with your inventory, filtering out many of your available items. It's especially bad because you literally have to restart the game to clear it, as re-logging a toon doesn't help.

8. Upgrade existing hook layouts.
When a Centerpiece hook is converted into Large/Medium hooks, make sure the Large hooks also have their grid of Small hooks, or at least add some Small hooks to the alternate layout.

The number one suggestion I would offer is this:
Read the forum posts and look for trends.
There are certain things have people have been asking for, consistently, over the years.
Please give people what they've been asking for before giving them some random, new thing.
Sure, it won't be a thing everybody asked for, but at least it will be a thing somebody asked for!
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