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IMO... It's one of those features that gives people that need it the option of using it. Let's face it. Some players are just plain ummmm... well you know... Aggressively Horrible ... and are frequently Antagonistic .

Legacy Ignore would definitely help BOTH directions: Legacy wide Ignore for the player who implements the action (not having to "ignore the same player on multiple account names" as well as "Ignore multiple names all belonging to the same offender".

If I'm some azzhat that wants to act up in General Chat I would expect to be put on ignore and in turn that limits what I can do group wise, something most don't care about or don't think about. I have pretty thick skin so most of the stuff that is put in chat doesn't bother me. About the only time I'll put someone on ignore is if I'm tanking or healing and some dps keeps pulling and won't stop when asked to. (I'm a pretty fast tank, so if someone is out-pulling me they're a track star, and I especially don't move so fast that it doesn't allow the healer to catch up). In other words I rarely put people on ignore, and if I do, it's deserving.

Legacy ignore is a much needed feature simply because if someone is being an ahole on one character doesn't mean they'll change their tune on an alt.
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