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Yes, both can be harmful to queues. I am not advocating to force people to play with jerks, there is a character ignore feature after all.
When I say "forced to play with jerks" I'm specifically referring to only having a character ignore and not an account ignore. If I do a flashpoint this week and a player was so horrible that I never want to see them again and ignore them, then next week I end up in a flashpoint with one for their alts and have another horrible experience, that is essentially the lack of proper tools forcing me to play with them again. Does it sound better if I say I was tricked into playing with them a second time? I won't know it's the same jerk, so instead of being able to avoid that jerk completely, I'm more likely to think the population is riddled with numerous jerks and that flashpoints are simply too toxic to bother with. Then I quit queuing and only do flahspoints with my guild avoiding pugs completely. So instead of me queueing with a smaller pool of players, I'm not queuing with anyone at all.

If you read threads about the lack of tanks and healers in groupfinder you will read many, many testimonials from tanks and healers who quit doing pugs because of jerks. Ditto if you read threads about people who only solo. Playing with jerks drives people away from group content. Removing players entirely from the queue is worse for the queue as a whole than removing them from only a select portion of the queue.