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So I was wondering if the people at SWTOR are worried about offending people with the days of the week? I was writing a guild message to have a meeting this SATURDAY and it blocked out the word SATURDAY!!! Are you kidding me?? How dumb is that? I can understand if I was actually writing a cuss word, that would be different, but I wasn't!! Please stop catering to thin skinned people, if someone is gonna be offended with a day of the week then they have serious issues to begin with.
Filter probably reacted to the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th character in the word. Take your time.. right the letters down on a sheet of paper and I think you will see why.

It's not thin skinned players, it's a liability mitigation that all companies do in one form or another. Turn off your profanity filters and it should fix that. See.. by putting in the filters with them set on initially, it's on the player if they turn the filters off.
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