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Watchmen is the go to spec for pve.
best is to practice all three specs since all of them has their value in this game.

Combat is the spec with the lowest damage output at the moment, but can be played in all pve game mods. highly skilled players can also do the hardest bosses with combat.

concentration has highly burst damag. but Zealous Leap relocates you from the boss and sometimes move you in a bad position. i would recommend this spec only in operations if you know the entire mechanis of an encounter.
it also has a fixed rotation which is always a lost on damage when you are not experienced nough with the spec and the boss encounter (Uptime)

watchmen is the dot-spec. it performs well in singletarget and multitarget situation. and has a very flexible playstyle.

for mor information you should consider reading vulkks articles to all three specs or talk to a good marodeur/sentinel on your server. if asked nicely the most will help you
Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. Ill be sure to check out the site you recommended.
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