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So how did the Empire grow so powerful?
There was no galactic power to keep Vitiates empire in check.
Vitiate was very active up to the peace treaty with the Republic which Revan had a hand in influencing. he kept the Sith below him in line after the last group of Sith that attempted a ku he devoured, and it changed the climate of Dromuund Kaas. it wasn't until Vitiate became increasingly absent that things started falling apart in the empire. In short, Empire had a strong leader and military that was allowed to expand unopposed for centuries while the Republic had been plagued with three major conflicts and weak leadership ripe with corruption.
I would like to point out Marr and Valkorion's talk about his distraction leads us to suggest there were "periods of silence" across the Empire's history, the entire point of the Dark Council is to handle the day-to-day operations so Tenebrae doesn't has to bother with that stuff. Although I'll give you that when Tenebrae secludes himself even from the Dark Council things can get pretty bad.
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