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06.02.2020 , 08:50 PM | #1
I am a returning player. I joined again about a month ago, after a few years without playing. I am quickly approaching 306 on most of my gear, and I have reverse engineered nearly everything I get from Flashpoints and Operations. However, I noticed it is not possible to "learn" the shells of the new armors. I can only learn the purple schematics for those offered by the crew skill trainer.

For me this is a downgrade from my previous crafting experience. In the past, I would do all the ops I could, and RE every piece. Today, I am able to make some of those shells and make a bit of money. However, in the current system, I cannot learn new schematics.

I have noticed that the devs like to recycle armor pieces and make them available to the public (like many of the pieces offered by the fleet vendors for tech fragments). That means, it is likely the pieces I learned before will one day be recycled, and without new schematics to learn from the current pieces, Armormech is becoming a dead end.

If I can't learn new pieces, and if the old pieces get recycled, then basically I have no incentive to max the skill and I have no use for all those pieces I get as drops from Operations.

I was hoping that the devs would see this post and think about returning the ability to RE and learn schematics from the current drops from Ops.

Anyone else have an opinion to share about this matter?
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