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Continuing the thread:

Dakhath's points are all solid as well. GSF is a team based combat game, with a matchmaker that only really tries to sort roughly by gear and experience. Choosing to get random teammates when this is a self-imposed restriction is ultimately on you.

As to the posts you are bringing over from the ea forums:
The details of how matchmaker could work are not a terrible idea, but you wouldn't need to arbitrarily assign points for this or for that. You could base the whole thing off of win percent and it would be a reasonably solid system, you could do rankings and it would be a lot better. I'm pretty sure the devs know all this, and maybe one day they will do something that counts more things. The devs already:

1)- Got rid of the never-intended 8 man premade
2)- Got rid of the high probability game that one team is entirely unupgraded and the other is not
3)- Counts premades as higher than the sum of their parts

If they added win percent as a metric for choosing teams, that would do a bunch more. If they actually added a stack ranking internally, that would do even more. I think matchmaker is not the smartest script in the land already, and most times we have seen it modified results in it not popping games with enough players on, etc. One day we may see further improvements.
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