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09.16.2013 , 01:11 AM | #5
the only thing i can see is standing up and going back into cover to use snipe again. that is at least 1-2 gcd per rotation lost. can rank up to be quite high.

for pve, you want to stay in the same cover as long as possible and keep using the same rotation you have. The only time that might be helpful is if the boss is in a mobile phase (say dashroode) and you are moving from shield to shield or if you are pvping and need that instant snipe due to LOS'ers.

as for the rotation itself, it seems solid enough. but if you want to try an energy efficient one that uses ep as well then the rotation i use is:

(opener) shatter, dart, crouch, insta-snipe, follow.

snipe, snipe, follow, ambush, follow, dart, sos, follow, sv, sos, probe, follow, snipe, snipe, OS, follow.