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To all the comments about uncen and ld annd not facing or facing them in my opinion it works if you want to get better the first 2 or 3 games you get facerolled after that the general process seems to be go in there **** its....(insert guilds name that facerolled you) play like ****. In all honesty in this game if you can mind **** your opponent enough or make their morale bad you will win every time. If you want to face uncen or ld and win dont go into the ranked with the mindset that your going to lose automatically. No offense to uncen or ld but they still have a lot of things to do better at before they are damn good.

Go into a ranked and treat it like any other game leave the negative attitude at the door then after the warzone is done win or lose tell people this is what you need to improve upon and this is what you did good. If you consistently tell a guildy "you are a piece of ****, get good" they are not going to improve or at least not with your team.
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