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Wow I've gotten off topic....
I really think this depends on what KIND of power you mean... If it was literal power my top three wild be
Sidious and the Skywalkers
However if you mean overall, my top five would be Vitiate, Traya, Surik, Revan and Sidious...
Trayas, Viatiate and sidious' manipulation is an incredible power in itself, I truly think if it wasn't for surik Traya cold have easily brought the galaxy to its knees.... Being able to corrupt so many with ease, and manipulate the largest powers of your era is an incredible feat for Any force user.... Surik and Revans power comes from managing to inspire people, revan brought so many Jedi with him against the mandalorians, and surik managed to inspire loyalty in he out unlikely of people.....
However if we're talking power in the force and lightsaber combat, I'll have to think, and do some research before stepping into the ring with the titans of the SWTOR forums
If you're going to put anyone on the list, put Exar Kun. Easily in the top 5 most powerful Sith. Makes a major play for number 4 or even 3. I'd also put Odan-Urr, but he's more of a Historian.

Edit: Now I would put Odan-Urr on my list, but that's more of a personal preference. I don't know where he sits exactly.
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