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What @kukumburr said, but I'll add that for me, the copied character has *never* appeared in the Character Transfer history.

And the reason you don't worry about the mail is that the character is *copied* to PTS, not transferred. The source character isn't affected in any way.

Beware of a few other things:
* The character will arrive with no mail, no GTN listings, four rows of character inventory spots(1) and one page(1) of cargo hold storage.
* Any stuff you had in inventory or cargo hold that won't fit in the spots that remain will be crammed into mail messages, eight items per mail. (The last character that I did this with ended up with nineteen of these mails.)
* Your character will lose all stamped outfits, and will have only one numbered outfit tab available.(1)

(1) These counts might be different if you paid credits for this character to have the slots before the transfer.
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