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1. Nice job nitpicking.
2. We don't know this, maybe or maybe not when it comes to player feedback. Do they have to respnd "We'll implement this immediately! Thanks for your perfect opinion player person!" to every idea? They have a podcast and a Q&A as a main way to see interaction with the community, do we have to see Bioware yellow text on every thread that predicts the doom of the game anyway? They may or may not, you don't know and I don't know, and people do use the PTS. And if they are lowly populated, how is Bioware going to get feedback in the first place?
It's nitpicking because you don't agree. The family tree is fluff, and even as a roleplayer--which was supposedly the group being targeted with the family tree--the feature is worthless to me; I can't share it with anyone. It's about as useful as writing my family tree down on a napkin.

Good thing they put today's patch on the PTS to get feedback right?
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