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yup. sneak up on them - so you can get close as possible. - Wait until they start lining up on their target - and rush in to unload - from the side or behind or above or below. - Blow your offensive and defensive CDs if you can - and don't linger for the kill. If you don't destroy them on the first pass, then come around for another go.

In fact, keeping them chasing you or running from you keeps them from shooting your team-mates.

Only thing to watch is when there are a number of GS - since LoS one might bring you into full view of another.

- Or you can jump in your own GS and snipe at them as well.

Keep well clear of GS in DM modes when they have damage power-up ( red) - since they can easily 1-shot someone who is even slightly damaged.

Don't be afraid to run back to your own side to heal up if you have support ships offering repairs and reloads.

-Storm Cutter.
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