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3.) Playing perfect. Playing a perfect game with no errors in my ability priorities. This rarely if ever happens, but I always strive for it. Getting off a Smash on at least 2 people every time it is up, and having every smash be an auto crit + 4 stack smash. Mega has commented similarly in his posts, when other marauders ask him what he does to achieve such great numbers consistently: As soon as you smash, your #1 priority is to build 4 stacks of shockwave and get your auto crit ready. AFTER that is done you worry about other things like spamming vicious slash to remove the cooldown.
I do agree trying to get a perfect game is good, problem is lolsmashspec IS easy, especially as a mara. I have a sent in lolsmash spec, basically everything lowers the cd of smash (basic attack, zealous strike and slash) so there goes the theory of skill for getting smash off cd), building singularity ... come on wheres the skill, either I have force exhaustion or in between I pop lolzen which at the ridiculous rate of centering build end-game is avialable every 10-15 seconds.
Honestly sent in lolsmashspec is as easy as pyro with even more rewards (better defensive cooldowns), so expect all those fotm rerollers who went pyro to reroll lolsmashspec knights/warriors because it is already happening and let the QQ begin im going to love it.