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Hatred the chicken S%$%& spec no respect for this spec. super boring oooo look I dropped a bunch of dots and they hit multiple peeps <snore> Epic snooze fest. No sense of accomplishment I mean really and this goes for all dot spec's how hard is it to drop a dot on a group?

Though I do love when I manage to out DPS a dot spec!
This makes me a bit sad to read! For I agree, but I love the hatred/serenity spec. Dot-spreading was a bad idea, I think. Used to be that Deathfield/Force in Balance only struck three targets and there was no way to spread your dots other than to dot the targets individually. This meant that the dots could be stronger. I don't know how much they've nerfed the damage of the dots over the years, but they do feel weaker. And they should be! Because they're easy to spread. But I personally would prefer it if the spread-mechanic was removed and individual dots became stronger. Perhaps even slap that 9s CD back on Creeping Terror/Sever Force.