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I currently run a Deception sin and it's decent enough (I can get some solid parses but overall its lower than my IO Merc) and I'm wondering how it compares to Hatred these days for HM/Nim content. I know for a while Hatred was supposedly like the worst dps spec in the game, but that was a few patches ago. I recently got into dot specs with the IO merc and I'm wondering if Hatred vs Deception is similar to IO vs Arsenal in terms of increased dps over an ops boss fight?
Deception has the most dps difference between each parse for e.g + - 500, due to crit luck etc. a huge difference is the second ball lightning which can be triggerd by a chance (25%) so on top of having the fortune of getting a crit you'll also need a certain amount of double ball lightnings to get max dps.
that's the reason why you'll be lower than io. and you cant compare a dot spec with a burst spec in general

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Hatred and Deception are good for certain things, after all they're opposite specs. Most fights with an extended burn, or adds hatred will out perform deception. But something with a small burst window deception will be better. If you want to do NiM as a sin I suggest to learn hatred and deception to an equal level.
You can clear all NIM Content with just Deception. I've done that, cause I hate Hatred

But you can go much easier for you if you are capable to perform both specs. As Maxitrac mentioned Hatred will outperform Deception on most Boss encounters and since on of the later patches it has the aoe damage reduction too.
Hatred has one of the hardest hitting < 30% DPS. So it's definitly viable.