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02.04.2013 , 10:49 AM | #3
As far as all the class balancing goes. I feel as though I can safely say that they already have (and for awhile now) their ideas on fixing class balance and they are simply waiting for RotHC to release to impliment them all. There really isn't much point in trying to balance a class that in a few short months will be completely redone with the new level cap increase.

Yes, it's been months that class balance had it's issues. Yes, they can fix them now because we still want balanced PVP today and for the next few months.

But... --this is the metaphor that I'm going to use.

It's like you cracked your phone and can sort of manage to see the screen, you can still use the phone and your contract is up in a few months so you might as well live with it for now because you'll be getting a free new phone anyway.