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Just to clarify, when you say Open World PvP, do you mean designated areas where people could PvP? Because that's NOT what Open World PvP means in a MMO.

Open World PvP means all planets and territories are open to PvP, you cannot unflag yourself, and thus you are on perpetual danger of fighting both mobs and enemies. Some people like it for the thrill. Good for them, I play MMOs to relax and am NOT looking for any PvP whatsoever.
Please read my posts, it will make it easier to understand them.

I have no problem with mutually consensual PVP, in all its forms, on any server. And I fully respect your (and my own) right to relax and not have to PVP if you don't want to on a PVE server.

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So if I misinterpreted you I apologize, but your sentence "I like Open PvP in a PvE server" sounded odd, especially because it contradicted your following sentence about being griefed, which I fully support of course
Yeah, it will make more sense if you go back and read it in context of the post I was replying to. It doesn't contradict at all.