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Besides, you know what Trandoshans give to their mates? Wookiee pelts. Do you really want Qyzen to give you a Wookiee pelt?
That's ANOTHER good point. A LS Jedi Consular would see wookiees as more humanoid than animal, despite their semi-******* nature; and as valuable allies. They would not see them as merely prey to hunt. Qyzen is utterly unable to conceptualize that; it's made clear in his personal companion story line that wookiees are "worth many jagganath points." In fact, he does try to give the Consular a wookiee pelt during his companion story line.

In fact, Bioware completely dropped the ball on a potential bit of story involving the Alliance alerts for Qyzen and Bowdaar. Both can be recruited by anyone. Qyzen and Bowdaar would probably not get along, and there was potential for some story material there. It would be all that the Alliance staff could do to keep Qyzen and his stalkers away from Bowdaar.

EDIT: Why does the website auto-bleep the word best + ial? It means, like a beast in nature.
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