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Edit: This post is inaccurate and misleading. See #18 for the corrected results.

Actually grall, I'm going to contradict you here. The nano-infused adrenal is actually *better* than the armor adrenal due to base class bonuses (e.g. Kinetic Ward). The math is as follows:


The results at the end are the most notable:

{shadow -> -0.0739487, guardian -> -2.79226, vanguard -> -0.373133}

This is to say that the nano-infused adrenal is strictly better than the exotech adrenal for all tanks, but especially guardians. Shadows can get away with either one, since the Nano-Infused adrenal is only *slightly* better than the Exotech for that class. (do note however that these values are not scaled by other mitigation mechanisms, most notably defense, meaning that the exact magnitude can be somewhat misleading)

Deciphering the Mathematica for more convenient work-checking, I'm basically examining the following equation:

DR((1675 + armor) * scalar) / DR(armor * scalar) - (ShieldBonus + Shield(375 + shield))(AbsorbBonus + Absorb(375 + absorb)) / (ShieldBonus + Shield(shield))(AbsorbBonus + Absorb(absorb))

Thus, I'm examining the ratio of mitigation improvement. Negative results indicate that the nano-infused adrenal is better than the exotech adrenal. The more negative the result, the better the nano-infused adrenal. Just to satisfy my own curiosity, I doubled all of the ratings and ran the calculation again, just to get an approximate idea of if this trend will continue into higher stat budgets: {shadow -> -0.066216, guardian -> -1.27925, vanguard -> -0.279283}.

So basically, the Nano-Infused adrenal is actually better than the Exotech across all stat budgets.
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