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06.24.2020 , 11:18 AM | #5
UPDATE: Finally cleared SNV HM 16-player version last night (very very random late run , after i talked trash in 'Allies' chat saying how "rare late-night HM runs are before a big patch update the next morning" ) , but quite honestly we couldn't have done it without serious help from the 'x gracey' group (1st time ever grouping with them, so thanks again for carrying/guiding me & my newbness on first couple runs of that 6-minutes-to-clear-city sequence ) .

Once i finish all the rest of HM 100% cheevos (like 'Gods' ) and getting more & more practice/intel with each sequence and boss-fights , i'm hoping we'll have our solid 8-10 person team reliable (and interested) enough to go back thru all HM Ops again 1 by 1 before even considering NiM versions in 2020.
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