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05.24.2020 , 01:19 PM | #1
Greetings all,

Some of you may have noticed my other forum thread over the years for our 2 "casual" guilds here:

Well, recently we've been gradually been moving our way through Hardmode Operations content & achievements in mostly guild-only groups, but now we're hoping to expand our team & schedule a bit, not only for eventual 16-player HM versions but also for 'nightmare' (NiM) versions someday as well. (Typically, but not strictly, on Sundays)

So far, i myself (as healer) have only managed to clear: HM Dxun 8-man (1st 3 bosses), Xeno HM 100% , Queen HM 8-man, TC HM 100%, Eyeless HM 100%, EV HM 8 & 16 , EC HM 8-man, KP HM 8 & 16, TFB HM 8-man, DF HM 8-man (except Brontes), DP HM 8-man (except Council) ...and some of our officers/members have a bit more experience too.

But anyways, we're hoping to finish all HM's 100% and reach NiM progression in 2020, so if anyone (experienced or not, guilded or not, np , but must be 306 gear with augments) is interested in possibly joining us for more HM Ops progressing, please take a few minutes to fill out this brief questionaire...

1. Do you prefer Empire or Republic side?
2. What's your main character name (and side) that you feel most comfortable using?
3. What roles can you provide on that geared character?
4. Have you ever star-parsed before?
5. If you parsed before, how much numbers were you pulling in 70/capped content? (DPS/Healer) *Example: 8.9k
6. And how much numbers were you pulling in 75/uncapped content? (DPS/Healer) *Example: 21.2k
7. What days would you most likely be available?
8. In those days you're typically most available, what hours work best for you? (USA EST time)

...Feel free to send me a forum PM with answers if you prefer. You can also contact me in-game (whispers or mail)

Thanks and hope to see ya in-game!
regards, Neestar (republic side) and Neevil (imperial side)
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