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06.02.2014 , 06:35 PM | #1
Hey everybody,

I wanted to make room on my HDD for some other games, but i dont want to uninstall (we are on wifi and takes too long to redownload). I'm more of an old school guy so i never used external drives until recently. I recently got a Passport external and i was thinking about just moving the game folders from the C drive to the external.

Would this cause any problems later on if i tried to move the files back from the external to the HDD and tried to run them? i dont know if there would be issues with the registry or whatevers so i thought i would ask. Also once i plop it onto the external would i be able to play it from there too? if not i guess thats cool, my main concern is storage and being able to use it after i take it out of storage.
I'm not really a noob...