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The thread offers good suggestions. But is very Premade and Pro heavy. As a solo player, the correct configuration of the entire hangar is much more important. In addition, there are several builds that are weak against strong opponents, but OP against weaker ones. An example is the Fortress shield. Therefore, a start for a hangar discussion. My looks like this:

Quarrel / Mangler, Condor / Jurgoran, Flashfire / Sting, Spearpoint / Bloodmark and Rampart / Razorwire

The configuration is different depending on the opponents who are on the road.

Example Quarrel / Mangler:

I like to use Fortress, Ion, Plasma, and Rotational Thrusters, when Premades are on the other side, I switch to Distortion, Slug and Barrel Roll.

Oh yes, I play ONLY on Win%, not a comparison with the best pilots.

* Translation from the German with the help of Google Translate ^^
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