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I disagree look at all the free to play games out there. World of Tanks, Planes, etc... yet you get good equipment for a few dollars. This game is pay to play anyway.
There is a huge difference between Pay-to-Play and total Pay-to-Win that most of these Freemium garbage games are.

If we ever get actual gear on Cartel Market, I will be done with SWTOR. The state of gearing is already really casual, just a bit grindy. We don't need gear on Cartel market!

To me gearing changes in 6.0 sound very good so far. And, by the way, amplifiers are not going to be overpowered and PvE will be balanced around gear without Amplifiers. I wouldn't worry about them until we actually see them and they turn out more meaningful than what devs are saying (which shouldn't happen).

P.S. This is whay devs said about amplifiers.
They (amplifiers) are not captured in any PvE balance targets except for Master Mode Operations. They don't make a huge difference to your character but they give you more options for really min/maxxing