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I fly the imperium with LLC, Remote Slicing, Themites. I'll get my lock, boost in to slicing range, let the missile go, open up with LLC. Sometimes, when I want to make them wet their pants I'll just hold the lock until the shields are gone from rSlicing and LLC. This will kill a bomber in under 10 seconds. Other things, much much faster.
We have an archer clarion build in this thread. The remote slicing's shield reduction is decent, but IMO not worth waiting for on a bomber, and not worth pushing on a bomber anyway. If the bomber will be in LOS for a thermite, then I just do that and wail with quads. LLCs seem an interesting and powerful take on that, however.

What I use the slicing for is to press it while a lock is almost acquired versus a target with a remaining missile break, then launch missile when it is, OR by pressing it simultaneous with the launch versus a ship with multiple breaks. Disabling the break is just so excellent.
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