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Clarion Dive Bomber (not actually a bomber)

Quad lasers (level 2): Seems like the best short-medium range weapon for this ship. Don't expect to get many kills with them, but you can occasionally land a lucky shot and are fun to spam. The first two upgrades are useful for getting these to a point where you might actually hit something.
Quad are nice. LLCs do a nice job too but are so much harder to use. RFL are thrash. Point.

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Proton Torpedos (level 2): Better for a newbie than the Thermite that are often recommended, these give you a large whack of damage that will finish something by themselves, rather than expect you to close in with quads (which is really really hard after just a week of play). The first upgrade is mandatory for reducing lock on times, and the second upgrade is still cheap and gives the chance of a lucky shot.
Nothing to say here. If you can lock and deliver, protorps are amazing.

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Repair Probes (level 1): If you're trying to draw fire while minimizing deaths, you can't get pecked to death by shots that get through your shields but don't kill. The tier 2-3 upgrades aren't that fantastic for this build so just get the reduced cooldown and forget about spending more points on them for now.
T3 Repair is awesome.. Not for you since you shouldn't run out of protorps easily. But for your team's scouts. An ammo refill for a pod build scout is the best thing ever

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Directional Shield (level 2): Bit more tanky than the Shield Projector. These let you throw all shields to aft while you power dive all over the map, bringing us to...
Charged Plating (T2). Harder to use but with Repair Probe you can basicly neglect the bleedthrough. And with DR Armor and DR crew you can get 99% DR 19 sec out of 30. It's just awesome. HLCs, BLCs, slug and most missiles tear through DR tho. So using it correctly isn't that easy.

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POWER DIVE (level 2, but level 3 is great too if you can get it): In caps as it is the core of this build. Power Dive speeds you off at a right angle downwards, so if you use it wrong you'll troll yourself with a controlled flight into asteroid.

However, once you get the hang of pointing your nose directly up first, then power diving, this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. With the tier 2 reduced cooldown, you'll have more mobility than many ships. I've managed to lead more experienced scouts around in a huge circle on TDM maps just power diving all over the place. Eventually most players give up in favour of a less annoying target, letting you go back to locking on torpedoes.

Bonus points if you can power dive lead people in front of a line of friendly gunships, so always try to have a plan for getting in, getting attention, and having a destination.

Power Dive is also handy for satellite rushes in domination. When you spawn, hit F3 for more engine power, then point your nose up and power dive, then afterburner as you come out of the dive. You'll be upside down, but also ahead of other ships. A 10 second cooldown means you'll have it free to use again as you approach the sat, and two power dives and afterburner can let you contest a sat even at the same time as an opposing scout. Then you can fly in a circle around the sat with all power to shields and repair probes, and they typically won't have the firepower to dislodge you by themselves.
Most awesome engine. I was using it before it was cool. +1000 Just for PDie

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Lightweight Armor (level 2): Evasion is pretty good as it reduces the damage that gets through the shield, meaning less need for hull repairs.
I go with DR armor. 15% more DR is awesome when running CP.

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Range capacitor (level 2): Helps you actually hit stuff with Quads, since you have a longer range window and hence less tracking penalties.
Good choice.. Damage is good if you're using a short range build with quad (like ion/quad/cluster on the StarGuard). Frequency is only good with burst build so LLC/quad'n'pod or BLC. The added power draw keep you from using Frequency in long fights.

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Large Reactor (level 2): More shields means less hull damage. Between these and other bonuses, your repair probes can cope with their workload.
True. There is only a handfulof good build to use Turbo or Regen and even with those, Large still perform well enough.

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Sensor: Doesn't matter at this low level so leave it stock. Later on I'm thinking communication range to help support the role as a rabbit.
Sensor is a wasted component. Upgrade it last to master your ship but doing it before is just unuseful.

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Offensive as pinpointing/Field of Fire: Standard offensive crew choice here that means you might hit the broad side of an asteroid with your quads. While you're using torpedoes to get kills mostly, a blaster-oriented crew is still useful as it turns your quads from "pointless" to "might get lucky". I like those odds.
Yoour choice of passive is good but not for the good reason. Field of Fire is bad. completely and utterly bad for laser (except for BLCs). Sure you get more firing arc, but you shouldn't use it. with quad, firing at more than 10 off center at mid range means you'll miss more than 15% of your shots. It can get at more than 40% against an evasion scout (without DField up). So with quad and every weapon with 1.50% tracking penality you shouldn't fire at more than 8 off center. Field of Fire is useful here for another reason. Your protorps. You give it 4 more to lock in which is huge. Pinpointing is mandatory on about every single build (except some troll build with cluster and Ion Cannons or a double torpedoes build).

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Defensive as power to shields/response turning/Bypass: More shields and more evasion means less hull damage in a prolonged fight. Bypass is an interesting ability that means your quads might kill something once in a while if you get a good attack run in. Plus Nadia seems to really enjoy power diving, judging by her cheers. It's a real party.
Bypass is nice but not that much. DR crew is better when you're using CP. Regen is better when you are using Direct. But Evasion crew isn't a bad choice. 5% evasion is still useful with Evasion Armor. Power to Shield is mandatory whatever build you are using tho I'll talk about actives later

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B]Tactical as crew with Wingman or Running Interference:[/B] At low levels not sure if the tactical passives do anything (maybe communication would help the rabbit role), but right now I spent points unlocking a crew with Wingman for a great offensive buff as an alternative to Bypass that help you actually hit stuff with Quads. Not sure which one is better - either way your blasters are mostly entertainment value, so is good to try both.
Running Interference is another fine choice since you're actually trying to get shot at, but I prefer the offensive options as I'd rather have the option to make my blasters useful than completely forget about them. At low gear and experience, a buff is really helpful to making blasters work.
Tactical. Your crew here doesn't really matter. Use one with both Peripheral Vision and Depth of Field (Comm Boost if you plan to use Comm Sensor) if you don't need an active. If you do. Just forget that and take it.

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Engineering with efficient manuevers and power to engines: C2-N2 is a big fan of power diving so enthusiastically tunes your engines so you can power dive all day.
Yup. Efficent Maneuvers and Power to Engine. Both are the best component if you plan to run a lot.

About actives.
Bypass is nice but really good with HLC since it stack with its Shield pen at T3. With Quad it's good but not that much. With Quad and Protorp it becomes really good for one reason. It gives you enough shield pen to actually finish someone that got hit by a protorp.
Wingman is a must. WIth wingman up, you can basicly go spray'n'pray. It's one of the best active.
RI is good if you're stacking evasion (which you are as much as you can or a strike, so not much ).
Personally I would go with Wingman on an imp since you can't get Bypass. And for a Pub I would go with either Bypass or WIngman with a Protorp/Quad build.
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