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12.15.2019 , 08:48 AM | #44
I would rather see developer fix the bugs in the game before releasing new strongholds.

Also I would rather a new chapter that has a real storyline that does not involve the boring republic Verus imperial rebirth of the same baddy returning i.e darth maglus and emperor we really need something new the current story contents is boring as hell.

I have not played this game now in 3 weeks I just keep it updated at moment in the hope something new storyline that interest me come along where I can choose to do it solo or in a group with friends.

The main bug that ticks me off the most is getting healer gear for my sith sorcerer madness damage, the other thing is the way madness damage has been nerf so much the force barrier no longer works to protect your character as it was intend to do characters just walk straight through it in PVP and or one shot you which should not occur with force barrier,

PVP warzones really ticks me off when the stealth abilities characters can get through 3 doors before anyone can do anything to stop them not balance approach to pvp events at all yes the stealth should be able to do a little better but that is stupid in pvp to be able secure 3 doors before you can stop them you might as well stand there and give them the game cause that whats happening.

Also in PVP warzone sith madness damage should not be able to get killed by a single character or two within a few seconds. and its the same with tanks should not be able to survive against group of 6 people attacking them that the imbalance of pvp warzone matches these days.

Tank should be able to survive against 4 players attacking them but not six that over the top its virtually the whole team fighting one character and that's no fun nor is it a balance.

I also can not see how two identical gear characters can be so systemically damage indifferent in war zone matches. and I am referring to how one player can so easy kill another in seconds that is identical geared and levelled the same it should mean the battle between these characters should be one of endurance to outsmart the other with your abilities and skills with the keyboard but not this nonsense 1 to 2 seconds and your dead especially in one on ones pvp warzone which are so loop side these days its seriously leaving bitter impression on end users.