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11.19.2015 , 02:41 PM | #20
I am a noob, and while I tried a few classes, the ones I get more comfortable with are the ones that are the easiest to 'dial' while not looking at the cast times and the keyboard. I still do not blind type, so I look for a rotation that does not make my fingers fly all over the alphabet. So, I like the ACs that have instants, and easy short priority system.

In that respect nothing beats AP/tactics, really. Once you memorized the opener that takes you through the different buttons, it is literally 1 through 6 depending which one is available, and 2 that lit up, and yeah, hit the basic attack if your heat getting too high, and your 2 HM cds are on CD. Plus one proc, plus one ability to weave in between. The movement is basically unrestricted. You can jump to, you can pull towards you AND you can run super fast.

EZ mode compared to a sniper that has to position, crouch, re-position, re-crouch, see the progress of each attack, has gazillion of skills and there is that point in rotation block where you have to execute the same attack twice in a row... ouch. HARD! ot to mention two procs, armor debuff, diversion, healing debufff...........................................

Don't judge

Also thought that Guardian Vigi was easy, as well as the Commando Assault in terms of rotation itself. But I can't stay on target with a guardian, and have tough time moving and surviving with the Commando (plus overheat is real in one raid I tried so far).