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It isn't hard, I agree, but nowhere as easy as MM sniper or arsenal merc for one simple reason: to squish out that extra dps means having to know when to heat ramp and dump heat. That's something arsenal mercs very rarely do, and MM snipers basically never. It isn't rare to see <random PT SM pugger> overheating in a fit of big numbers enthusiasm and then spamming rapid shots for some ten seconds in order to drop some heat.

My observations say <random SM pugger> performs better as merc or mm sniper than PT, going by either parses when people join up on raid parses or by being mindful of their casts and resource managements.
both pt/vg and sniper/gs have to weave in basics now. i have both classes at 65. i still find it easier to maintain energy while using fewer of those basic abilities on a pt/vg, and the fact that the class has the fewest abilities of all of the clases in the game, which translates to fewer needed keybinds, puts it head and shoulders above the rest.
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