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My Opinions:

Space Station: This would be good as we can't buy flagships for ourselves and would be very different to the strongholds currently available. However, I think it would be useful to have elevators if it is a large stronghold to speed up travel times.

Spira: A mansion similar to Coruscant would be nice with more rooms and possibly one or more starship hooks? It could be on the side of a mountain like the Master's Retreat on Tython at the start of the JK/JC storyline. There could also be a town nearby with a lot of different buildings/rooms which I would find more useful than natural areas but the rest of the space could be covered in tropical flora.

Cruise Liner: Again, we don't have personal flagship strongholds and I think this would be a good alternative as it would be distinctive from the guild ships and could be another option for neutral guilds if it was the same size as one. There's also a lot of spaces to add different sized rooms which would be very useful.

Overall I think all of them are good ideas and should be added at some point
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