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10.10.2017 , 12:33 PM | #1
Parsed a bit, without freezing force. Used force push once because of the opener with saber throw, later just used saber throw where I had a gap in the rotation. Could probably throw in a slash instead at times, need to look at the resources (slash does bit more damage). Worked out smoothly, feels good to not have Freezing Force!

From the first try (without tryharding and even without adrenals) actually got a better parse than the previous best I had on my guardian. May be I wasn't using Freezing Force that well before (most likely). But I always felt that it was out of place. Now without it it is much better.

Focus though... As suspected, Freezing Force was a bit too big of a deal for the spec. Unless I am suddenly playing it very wrong, it ended up being a nerf for it. Lost couple hundred DPS. Basically used Riposte/Blade Storm/Slash instead of Freezing Force depending on what's available. But because the compensated buff was a crit chance buff, it is now even more RNG based than before... Someone might get 10k with it again, not me though.
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