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12.11.2015 , 03:21 AM | #1
So, I finally decide to finish my Sniper; get to the end of Chapter 1, and I'm all set... Then, I start the Power Play bonus, to sabotage various components on the ship, and even though I did them all, the "Midship power relay" show incomplete. I do not want to just move forward with the primary mission, so I try a little of everything; I leave, I leave the sector of space, I go to another planet, then I go to Tantooine, and still cannot reset the mission. I logout, log back in, I try everything I can find, and no joy.

So, I open a ticket today, and we'll see if I can continue.

I know there has been other bugs with the fight with Darth Jadus, but I haven't even gotten that far to see if I get that specific bug...

Thoughts / ideas?
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