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The curious thing for me, that I'm not sure has been answered yet will weapons work for companions? Are they restricted to the weapons they could use before 4.0? Or can they use different weapons now?

For example, could Kira Carsen now use a single blade lightsaber, or is she still using a double bladed lightsaber? Could Ashara use (2) Techblades instead of (2) lightsabers? Can Elara use an autocannon instead of a pistol?

After all, the weapons are mostly just cosmetic now, right? No stats. So, does this open up more weapon options?
yea you should still be able to use w/e type of weapon u can now in the new system i dont think they have changed that. the devs have stated that anything you have accomplished with your companions wont change just the stats they have and what they do role wise is changing. i honestly wish they would let every cclass choose what weapon and style of that weapon they want. say a Jedi shadow/ Assasin. using duel wield. or a single hilt. and a Sith Warrior juggernaut/guardian using a Double Blade or Duel wield. along with a BH Merc using a carbine reg rifle. a simple weapon mastery system.. it would just take existing animations and put them in the spot they are used with the class they were made for.... cause I WANT TO USE DOUBLE BLADE WITH MY JUGG, sooo bad. or a carbine with my Merc