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11.16.2020 , 02:49 AM | #1
one of our 5 Prog Teams has a spot open for TANK (or Tank/DPS). Main focus for new person that joins is Tanking.
About guild:
We are 3 yrd old raiding and progression raiding guild. We have 4 NiM teams and 1 x VM team.
Daily VM and NIM open sign up events.

About Team
Team Recruiting is Team TURD
This team has cleared all old NiM content and is currently going on Brontes NIM for Wings and Later on after some practice planning on doing timed runs.
Raid days --- TUESDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY 8:30 pm CET (gmt+1)
We use Discord for communication and StarParse to track our dps, threat dtps heals etc etc
Trial Period for new Tank is 3 raids. During trial u dont need to have char in guild. If u pass trial and u can join team you need to join our guild in order to raid with the team (guild char is needed, also guild covers all repairs for prog raids of our team).

What are we looking for ?
We are looking for Good and Experienced Tank given that we are on Brontes and soon to start practice for timed runs. However if u didnt clear all ops dont get discouraged ... try and do trial if interested. Achievements aren't main thing, if u have skill and if u can do proper and good tanking u gonna get up to speed rather quickly. Tough some basic NIM experience is required .

How to join:
Comment here for more info or contact emperorsiddiouse#8974 over discord.
Also u can hop into our discord server:
Siddiouse AKA Sid
Guildmaster of Ancient Dark Guardians