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Dark Jedí Order

Star Forge: Imperial

Casual: We strive to maintain a casual gaming environment so that members don't feel pressured during their time in DJO. There is no activity requirement, and there are no expectations of members who join. We do not require members to be a certain character class to join and stay in the guild, or require members to have a certain level main character.

PvE: Though we don't forbid or expressly avoid PvP content, this guild is focused on character development, leveling, grinding, and crafting. We will happily participate in any group activities that members are interested in, it's just that PvP simply isn't the first thing that comes to our minds when we log in to have a good time. If you are looking for a PvP guild, this may not be the place for you, but if you enjoy PvP from time to time, then keep reading!

Mature: Most of our members are mature and maintain full time jobs in real life. We expect members to maintain an air of maturity, even though we sometimes joke about during gameplay, there are limits and we expect that members are mature enough to recognize those limits and respect them.


Dark Jedi Order was founded by members of the Dark Jedi Organization Gaming (DJO-G), and while not directly affiliated or sponsored, we are primarily made up of DJO members. We maintain the same code of conduct, and abide by the same rules set by the DJO-G community.


Though we are not a RP driven guild, the Dark Jedí Order participates in light RP from time to time. Though most is oriented around story driven content, any RP events or activities driven by the members of DJO is welcome and appreciated. If you are looking for a guild that is dedicated to RP, this may not be the guild for you, but if you enjoy some RP content from time to time, then this may just be the perfect place for you!


We have a small Discord server for our SWTOR guild members where we communicate in voice chat and share information, guides, vote on guild matters, and organize nightly activities. If you would like to join the Discord to find out more information, please follow this link
Dark Jedí Order: Council Leader
Discord: Astrid#1000