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I was using hyperbole, but only just barely. Waiting 2 years for 2 minutes? No... that may, technically, be content... but, no. It really, honestly, is not.

...and sorry, I hope what Arcann's "arc" is will be no better than what any of Andronikos, Corso, or Risha got. He'd get LESS (nothing) even, if I had my way. There is no way Arcann deserves more than our classic companions.
I've seen people on these forums argue that a speeder is content, or an outfit, or a weapon.

And no, sorry but if they're going to do a new arc for a new romance they should put effort into it. I may not be into Arcann but if they're going to do a romance for him then it needs to be well done. Otherwise, should they add a romance arc for any other character, for example Senya (and this is just an example) then she should also get no more than 2 minutes. Just be careful what you ask for.