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I was using hyperbole, but only just barely. Waiting 2 years for 2 minutes? No... that may, technically, be content... but, no. It really, honestly, is not.

...and sorry, I hope what Arcann's "arc" is will be no better than what any of Andronikos, Corso, or Risha got. He'd get LESS (nothing) even, if I had my way. There is no way Arcann deserves more than our classic companions.
Corso, Risha and Adronikos got an entire romance arc through the game. So yup, I agree Arcann should have the exact same type of progression Arc that they got, since his is only just starting. just like Theron, Lana and sorta-Koth, and every other current LI did in the game. Any new romance added should receive the same care as well, that all the rest have received in the game, rather then limiting an entire romance arc start to end to 2 minutes for the very first time, which not one LI has gotten .. ever. Only "returns" have been short, not the romances.

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