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First off, I did have trouble finding the amplifier window. I found it unintuitive that it would just be a button in the character panel. I would have expected amplifier interaction to involve some sort of NPC/console instead of being a random UI element. Later I did notice that you can also access the re-roll window by clicking on a gear item to modify it, which made more sense to me, though I admit it's still nice to have a separate window to give you an overview of all the different amplifiers you have equipped.

The main amplifier window is weird at the moment. I don't know what the order of items/amplifiers is based on, but it makes no sense to have boots above head and so on. The item order in it should be the same as on the character panel IMO.

I also don't get why we need to double-click on the little arrow on the side to open the re-roll window? Nothing else in game requires double-clicking! I thought I was doing something wrong at first and only finally figured out how to open it more or less by accident.

Also, I agree with most posters on this thread that more information about amplifiers needs to be part of the UI. I don't know if we necessarily need to be given a full list from the start... maybe there could be something like an "amplifier collections" window where you slowly uncover them all, with each reroll result being added to the list? Just a random idea; I'm no game designer. But as it is, I didn't find it very compelling to keep rolling with no idea what I was even shooting for. Aside from not knowing what all the different effects are, it's also hard to tell which numbers are good or bad. I don't like that +1 can be a green on one stat while +0.9 is a purple on another... just makes it very confusing.
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