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However, sometimes if we look at our over all collection of armor parts we get the idea that perhaps certain stats "could be" improved ! Please note: could be ??? From there we start the re-roll process on .. well just for discussion we will suggest only one item (piece of armor) perhaps ! After SEVERAL attempts at re-rolling ( and a large number of credits ) we discover that we are in fact in worse shape. YES .. from what I've determined that could actually happen.

BUT... even sadder still we can't return to the original setting that piece came with even if we wanted to. Now we get to RNG for a replacement piece of armor with the same stats ?? Good luck with that ! Heck .. I should start playing the LOTTO. I'd stand a better chance !!
I'm confused by what you're saying, because I feel like we can do exactly that. We can waste lots of credits and only get worse results, but as long we don't update the amplifier, we don't lose the original one.

I guess maybe you're suggesting a situation where we think a rolled amplifier is better than it really is, so we choose to update the item, but then later regret doing so, because the new amplifier wasn't what we thought? But I think what makes the best case for that is a clear explanation of what everything does, so we can have a precise and accurate basis for our decisions.

I mean if there was some way to revert to the original original after that, maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing, but then you'd still have the problem of people regretting their choices and wishing they could go back to a non-original amplifier that they rolled but then overwrote. I really do feel like the absolute best thing for BW to do is to give us clear and accurate info about what all the amplifiers do.
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