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Does it take a rocket scientist to click the "undo" button? What the **** is your problem Bioware or whoever is in charge of not giving a flying ****? 10 mins to **** something up 10 weeks to fix. lol It always warms my heart to see that the Cartel Market is number one on the priority list for Bioware. If there is a problem with that it is usually fixed the very next day. And also the great new crappy additions to the game they might call "Exciting new content". It is one thing to leave a few bugs here and there go unsolved, minor bugs maybe, but when you start messing with peoples characters its something quite different. If you see a problem with the characters originally introduced and feel the need to "modify" them after 2 years of game play, why not just remove the character creation process all together. If people are complaining about skimpy armor STOP putting it in the *********** game. Seems like every time a Cartel pack comes out there is some piece of revealing armor in it, so lets try and class it up a bit, but not really? Makes tons of sense.