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SWTOR is made of a ton of different modes, all of which touch in some ways. The fact that players who want to gear as fast as possible sometimes have to win three GSF games in a week is a fine thing, even if not every player in the world is able to play GSF at a level that they personally find acceptable. It's ultimately a pvp experience as well, so every game always makes at least as many losers as it does winners, and no one likes losing.
But the difference between being able to accomplish this compared to 4 MM flashpoints, 8 medals in 1 pvp match (lol) or an operation (LBLO) is that it's an extraneous amount of time and dedication needed to just get the ball rolling and it's in no way comparable to the other activities. No one complains about the other 3 options except for the 4 MM because 4 is not comparable to 8 medals or an Op but IT'S DOABLE. I'm not depressed or now an ardent hater of the game (you should have seen the first draft of this rant) but it keeps GSF in that negative corner of my mind and this is someone who's tried almost half a dozen times to work on the mechanics and understanding of builds far more than I've watched videos of mechanics for Ops and guess which I've done a quarter million times.
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