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correct me if im wrong but is the jedi code forbids love between man and woman ? also forbid formal marriage?

is jedi a lifetime rank? i mean if a jedi quits then he become just another civilian and can marry? or jedi is bound to the code as long as he lives?
The jedi order by the time of the Clone wars had forbid its members to wed or have children of their own.


It has not always been like that, there history of the jedi is littered with stories and characters who wed and had children while still being members of the order.

So jedi even married other jedi and had children of their own. By the time of the cold war there have been and are still many Famous jedi families.

One of the more famous accounts of this is when Andur Sunrider a jedi knight killed by gangsters only to have his wife Nomi Sunrider take his light saber and defend her and her child. Nomi Sunrider would latter become one of the most famous jedi masters of the time.