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I'm going to focus on what the title/subject is of the thread post. Greens requiring purple conquest mats to craft should not exist. The window to make more money off of crafting green gear is not very long after an expansion release. I am not debating the most profitable method to make money, just pointing out that they need to fix this ASAP. Please to don't steal a thread post to show off how smart you are on a topic that isn't really germane to the main topic.
Dreadfully sorry for getting in the way of all the other responses in this thread. I'm sure you could barely reach the masses of them with my post in the way.

There is actually already a thread on page one of the crew skills forum on the topic of armormech greens erroneously needing purple materials. I already posted there, agreeing that green items should not need purple materials. I scarcely saw the need to repeat myself here, instead offering some free advice - advice that is, in my opinion, completely relevant to what you said in your original post. But by all means don't let my information get in the way of whatever you want to do.
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