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Agree that they should fix this.

Re. profit in the first few months, I would actually carefully examine that idea in this particular situation. Players' sense of "fair prices" are calibrated to old crafting. Most of them have no idea of just how many materials new crafting needs and are not willing to pay appropriate prices (and a lot of crafters aren't adding up their actual costs, and thus aren't seeking fair prices). For instance, even one purple basic component needs 72 white, 204 green, 72 blue, and 30 purple materials. (I put a spreadsheet together during my time on PTS to help me work some of this stuff out; feel free to adapt it.) A lot of the time, I find that simply selling the materials required for any item is much more lucrative than selling the item itself. That's the thing I think won't stay the same forever (as more people become aware of the issue and/or people leave crafting). Selling materials is what I'd suggest in the first few months (obviously subject to current prices on your server).
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